The first appearance of Fifi Abdo after the serious operation that she underwent as a result of a medical error .. Watch how she looked (video)


The Egyptian actress, Vivi Abdo, shared her first video with her fans through her account on the “Instagram” application after undergoing a serious operation at the beginning of the month of Ramadan..

Fifi Abdo said to her audience: “Good evening, you have missed me very much, and every year you are good, and of course you all know that I had an operation and I am currently in a recovery phase.”“.

Fifi Abdo thanked all her fans for their prayers for her recovery, and asked that they take care of themselves and take precautions against the emerging “Corona” virus, describing what the world is going through because of it as “depression after depression.”

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On April 25, Fifi Abdo announced her discharge from the hospital after undergoing the serious operation as a result of a medical error, and he was waiting for her upon her return to her home to celebrate Abed’s birthday.

Abdo explained in a letter from the hospital through her account on the “Instagram” social networking site, that she is going through a health crisis caused by a medical error, after receiving a wrong injection in her back, which required a two-hour surgery..

Source: Sputnik


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