The film “Abed” is competing in the “Cinemana Arab Film Festival” in the Sultanate of Oman


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Posted on: Sunday May 9, 2021 – 6:43 AM | Last update: Sunday, May 9, 2021 – 6:43 AM

Screenwriter Noha Saeed announced the participation of her short fictional film (Abed) in the second edition of the “Cinemana” Arab Film Festival, which will be held in the Sultanate of Oman this May.
Noha Said, the author of the film, said – in a statement to the Middle East News Agency – that Abed’s film is officially participating in the short fictional films competition at the “Cinemana” festival, which is its third participation so far, as it recently participated in the Cairo Festival for the short Egyptian film “Visions”, and in the Festival Al-Ain is an international film producer in the UAE, and won the best film award in the “Make Your Film in the Time of Coronavirus” competition.
She explained that the film revolves around “Abed”, who suffers from constant bullying due to his birth defect in the face called “cleft lip”, and the film shows how the Corona epidemic and the tragedy it caused to the world was a lifeline for him after the imposition of wearing a “muzzle” to prevent the virus, For the first time, Abed was given life without bullying after she concealed the deformation of his face.
The film was written by Noha Saeed, directed by Medhat Abdullah, and starring the Egyptian artist Ahmed Ibrahim, and a group of Arab artists from the Emirates participate in the tournament, the artist Ohoud Al-Nuwais, the artist Abdul Hamid Al-Balushi, the Syrian artist Omar Abu Al-Fadl, the Moroccan artist Mehdi Boukhreiss, and the Tunisian artist Nizar Bin Khadra. The Egyptian artist Mohamed Kamal, and the Emirati artist Ahmed Al Qubaisi, a soundtrack to Sharif Al Wasimi.


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