The events of the series, Musa, episode 23 .. The robbery of Musa and Shafiqa increases Shehab Pasha’s fortune


Episode 23 of the series “Musa” witnessed exciting events, as “Musa” discovers (Mohamed Ramadan) “Nawfal” (Mundhir Rayahneh) stole his money and actually goes to his house, but he does not find it.

Their sweetness feels great concern for “Musa” who went out looking for “Nofal” and did not return, and gives “Zaitouneh” a sum of one thousand Egyptian pounds to give it to “Musa” telling him that it is his money – that is, an olive tree – to stand on his feet again.

Their sweetness uses Zaitouneh when it comes to money, because Musa has great self-esteem and will refuse to take money directly from it.

“Nofal” takes his mother “Kahla” (Farida Saif Al-Nasr) to “Shafeeqa” (Heba Majdi) who asks “Shehab Pasha” (Sabri Fawaz) to keep “Kahla” with her at home, and “Shihab” agrees on the condition that “Nawfal” is not present. In the palace, if only for a moment.

“Shweikar” “Nofal” hides “Nofal” in a hotel in Alexandria with the help of “Adel” “assistant” Shehab “, and the perfume proposed by” Shafika “brings huge profits to the factory.

“Al-Rayyis Jaber” (Diaa Abdel-Khaleq) puts the body of “Maghawri” (Saad Al-Mukhtar) in the middle of more than one sack of potatoes and puts it in the house of “Shaddad” (Riad Al-Khouli) who thought that “Al-Umda” (Moufid Ashour) was the one behind the matter.

The teacher “Wahba Al-Wazzan” (Sayed Ragab) kills the boy “Urma” (Ahmed Douglas) so that there is no evidence to prove that he was the one behind the attempt to kill “Musa”, as “Wahba” had assigned “Urma” to kill “Musa”, but he did not Succeed.

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