The English Premier League is in trouble – Lebanese Forces Official Website


The postponement of the Manchester United and Liverpool match put the Premier League in a real bind, due to the busy schedule and upcoming tournaments in the summer.

After “turbulent” hours on Sunday, the Premier League decided to cancel the summit match between Manchester United and Liverpool.

The Manchester United home match against Liverpool in the Premier League was postponed on Sunday after fans stormed the pitch before its start, in protest against the club’s owners.

But now, there is no “room” to hold the match before the end of the league on May 23, which is a real stalemate for the league, which seeks to end on time.

In all the coming weeks, Manchester United or Liverpool will play two games a week, which means that it is almost impossible to hold the match without a fundamental change in the match schedule.

The English Premier League will have to “move” some matches, to free up a day for the upcoming match.

In the event that the match is compressed in the middle of one of the weeks, then there must be space for at least two days for the two teams, between this match and its previous and subsequent matches.

The European Championship, which starts in mid-June, puts real pressure on the European leagues to finish before May 29, which means that the match will not be postponed after the end of the league on May 23.

The English Premier League will fall into a more severe impasse if Manchester United fans decide to continue protesting in the team’s next match against Old Trafford, against Leicester City, on May 12th.

At that time, the League will try to consider Manchester United a losing, or postpone the match for one day only and hold it at a neutral stadium.

Setting the date for the Liverpool and Manchester United match is also a “headache” for Liverpool, who needs a lot to win to remain a contender for the fourth seat, postponing the match and bringing it closer to other matches, which will represent a burden on the Reds.


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