The end of the first phase of the Arab press and critics’ awards voting for the Ramadan drama


The end of the first stage of the Arab Critics and Journalism Awards voting for Ramadan drama

The first stage of the Arab Critics and Journalism Awards voting for the Ramadan drama has ended, after the participation of more than 100 critics and journalists from Egypt and the Arab countries, and the second and final stage of voting begins.

105 artists from the Arab world competed in the men’s category, including Karim Abdel Aziz and Ahmed Makki for the series “Choice 2”, Mohamed Farraj and Mohamed Mamdouh for “Newton’s Game”, Tariq Lotfi and Fathi Abdel Wahab for “Cairo-Kabul”, and Hamada Hilal for “Al-Maddah.” About Egyptian works.

As for the countries of the Levant, which includes works from Syria and Lebanon, the result was in favor of Bassem Yakhour for the series “Ali Saffih Hot”, Salloum Haddad and Abed Fahd for the series “350 Grams”, Abbas Al-Nuri for the series “Hara Al-Qobba”, and Qusay Khouly for the series.Ramadan drama

As for the category of acting for women, it went to Mona Zaki for the series “Newton’s Game”, Hanan Mutawa for the series “Cairo-Kabul”, Engy, the presenter for the series “Choice 2”, Amina Khalil for the series “Khaleel Balk Min Zizi”, Sahar Al Sayegh about The series “The Peacock”, Reham Abdel Ghafour and Dina El Sherbiny for the series “Qasr El Nil”, Hind Sabry for the series “Counter Attack”.Ramadan drama

The first stage of voting began with the second half of the month of Ramadan to liquidate 90 series from the Arab world in which they competed for the best award in the category of “women-men” acting and directing, as well as the best series, which was divided geographically. The first three places are scheduled to be announced without order By the end of this month, the winners will be announced in a grand ceremony in July.


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