The Emirati “Al-Amal” probe officially begins its scientific mission



The process of launching the Emirati “Al-Amal” probe to Mars

Yesterday, Sunday, the UAE project to explore Mars, “The Hope Probe”, revealed that the necessary preparations have been completed for the launch of the scientific mission of the probe officially.

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This came after conducting the necessary tests to ensure the accuracy and safety of the scientific devices that the probe carries on board, as the scientific mission of the “Hope” probe was officially launched on Sunday, and it will continue for two years, with the aim of obtaining the first complete picture of the various layers of the atmosphere of Mars during the day and night and all The seasons of a Martian year are equivalent to two Earth years.

In the context of clarification, the director of the Emirates Mars Exploration Project “Probe of Hope”, Engineer Imran Sharaf said: “After the successful flight to Mars, and the near-perfect maneuver to enter the orbit of the planet, and we moved from the orbit to capture the probe to the scientific orbit, we have completed the calibration and testing phase. The probe is in an ideal position to start its two-year scientific mission. ”

Hessa Al-Matroushi, Deputy Project Director for Scientific Affairs, indicated that, “With the start of the scientific phase of the Hope Probe, the scientific devices it carries on board will work to provide a clear and comprehensive picture of the climate of Mars, at all times, throughout a whole Martian year. The information that the UAE will share with the global scientific community free of charge will help scientists and researchers reach a deeper scientific understanding of the processes taking place within the Martian atmosphere, especially with regard to the disappearance of the oxygen and hydrogen gases, which are considered the main components of water, which may help explain many Of the scientific phenomena associated with this planet. ”

Source: “Emirates Today”


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