The dollar exceeds 13 thousand pounds again, amid an ambiguous political horizon


  Chronic movement denouncing impoverishment, political quotas and deteriorating living conditions (Anatolia)</p><div><p>In light of the labor escalation, with a general strike and a continuous political ambiguity, there is no clear prospect for a solution, he witnessed <a target="_blank" href="" rel="noopener">The exchange rate of the Lebanese pound</a> Further decline today, surpassing 13 thousand liras on the black market.

And while it was “General Labor Union“A general general strike is being carried out in Beirut and the governorates today, Wednesday, the exchange rate of the dollar rose to a margin of more than 13 thousand buying and selling, before it retreated slightly to a margin between 12975 pounds as a minimum purchase and 13025 pounds for sale, noting that the average official exchange rate is still stable at 1507.5. Lira since 1997, while the “legal” rate among tellers is 3900 liras.

The dollar had crossed 13 thousand pounds for the first time on its date on March 15, when it reached a new record level at 13,565 pounds, with the deepening of the crises associated with the scarcity of liquidity and the continuing political impasse since late 2019, with which politicians have been unable to form a new government since October 22 / October 2020, when the binding parliamentary consultations conducted by President Michel Aoun led to Saad Hariri forming a new government to succeed the government of Hassan Diab, but he has been trying in vain since that time, to no avail.

The rise in March came after tumultuous days from Protests in the street After the dollar exceeded the threshold of 10 thousand pounds.

On the next day, i.e. last March 16, the lira recorded the largest collapse in Lebanon’s history in the parallel (black) market, as its exchange rate fell to more than 15 thousand against one dollar, knowing that this is the highest recorded price of the American currency in the local market in Beirut yet.

The governor of the Central Bank of Lebanon, Riad Salameh, announced on May 20 that the bank would sell US dollars at 12,000 Lebanese pounds to the participating banks on the Sayrafa platform.

Accordingly, the Central Bank requested participants wishing to register all requests on the platform from May 21 until Tuesday, May 25 (i.e. yesterday), on condition that the required amount be paid when registering the request in cash, provided that these transactions are settled tomorrow. Thursday, May 27, US dollars are paid exclusively at correspondent banks.


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