The discovery of a planet whose heat melts metals – Saudi News


Astronomers have finally discovered a planet they believe is the hottest in the universe, with unique characteristics.

The planet TOI-1431b is 490 light-years from Earth, is twice the size of Jupiter, and it has more heat than the red dwarf stars in the Milky Way.

Commenting on the discovery, Brett Addison, an astrophysicist at the University of Southern Queensland in Australia, said: “The planet is like hell, with a daytime temperature of 2,700 degrees Celsius, and a nighttime of 2,300. No life can live in its atmosphere,” according to the newspaper, The Independent. British.

The temperature of the planet is higher than that of melting metals, which is in the range of 200 degrees, while it is 1770 degrees for platinum and 1670 for titanium.

Among the things that distinguish the planet also is its direction of rotation, which is what Edison explains by saying: “If you look at the solar system, all the planets revolve in the same direction in which the sun rotates, and they will all be on the same plane, while the orbit of this new planet is tilted to the point that it is moving in Located in the opposite direction of the rotation of its host star. ”

The TOI-1431b planet was monitored by the NASA transiting exoplanet survey satellite, and it was also observed by the Star Observation Network Telescope in the Canary Islands.


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