The disclosure of the size of Adel Imam’s fortune … the figure is fictional!


Several artistic news sites revealed the wealth of the Egyptian artist, Adel Imam, confirming that he has become the richest artist in Egypt.

The site said “CELEBRITY NET WORTH”The amount of the leader, Adel Imam’s wealth amounted to about $ 100 million, which is more than one and a half billion Egyptian pounds, confirming that he collected this wealth after his long artistic career, which he started with from 1960 until now..

Adel Imam presented many artistic works, which exceed 150 works, and varied with comedy and social and political issues.

And Adel Imam is one of the most Egyptian actors who are exposed to rumors related to death and disease, the latest of which was at the beginning of last month, and at that time, the head of the acting professions in Egypt, Ashraf Zaki, said that “everything that is reported about the deterioration of the health of the great artist Adel Imam is just ridiculous rumors.” Urging the media and social media users to verify the information before sharing or promoting it, especially with regard to the health and life of the artists.

Source: Sputnik


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