The director of Mass Effect Legendary Edition sets conditions for the coming of the online stages of the group


Yesterday, Mass Effect Legendary Edition was released that includes the improved trilogy of the early Mass Effect parts. Which quickly dislodged Resident Evil Village from the top spot in Steam sales.

This “Legend Edition” contains the entire storyline content, as well as more than 40 add-ons including story content, weapons, and armor packs from Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3. But at the same time it misses the online mode that was introduced in Mass Effect. 3.

The developer had justified removing the online phase from the improved trilogy by saying that their main focus is on improving the stages of the story, and that working on bringing online would have required more effort and time from them, and it might have delayed the improved version from the agreed upon date, due to the need to make major adjustments to Gameplay Mechanics.

Today, Mac Walters, the director of the game or its project manager, spoke in an interview with CNet about the online development, and said that he will not rule out the possibility of adding the game in the future to the group, he will never say no to this matter.

But there are a few conditions that Walters set for the coming of the phase to the improved trilogy, which is that there should be a good reception for this game first and then that the team feel that there is a really great demand from the public to add the online mode, then they have to ask themselves if they have the resources and time to provide this. The stage is of a quality that satisfies the audience and the studio together.

We mention that Mass Effect Legendary Edition supports 120 frames on Xbox Series X and PS5.


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