The departure of musician Jamal Salameh, affected by “Corona” – thought and art – stars and celebrities


The Syndicate of Musical Professions in Egypt said that the musician Jamal Salama died yesterday at the age of 76, of his infection with the Corona virus.

The deceased had been admitted to the hospital a few days ago, after being infected with the virus.

“The field of Arab creativity has lost a noble knight, a musical genius, and an artistic icon,” Culture Minister Inas Abdel Dayem said in a statement. Salama was born on the fifth of October 1945 and grew up in an artistic family, as his father Hafez Ahmed Salama was a composer and his brother was a composer and player of the accordion instrument in the Umm Kulthum band.

He studied music, majoring in the piano, then musical composition at the Higher Institute of Music (Conservatoire), in which he later joined the faculty.

He composed for many Arab singers, such as the Lebanese Magda Al Roumi, Moroccan Samira Said, and the Tunisian Sophia Sadiq, as well as the soundtracks for many films such as (Always Habibi), (Black Panther) and (Torment .. Woman).

And in the TV drama, he had his musical imprint in the series (Love and Other Things), (She … and the Impossible), (Man and the Unknown), (A Call for Love) and (Wolves of the Mountain) as well as many religious songs presented by Yasmine Khayyam in the series (On the Margin of Biography ) And (The Hour of Guidance was born) and (Muhammad is the Messenger of God).

He was entrusted with the leadership of the National Troupe for Folk Art, and he was also a member of the Music Committee of the Supreme Council of Culture, and a member of the Supreme Committee of the Arab Music Festival.



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