The departure of Jamal Salama …. and his family’s problems raise controversy


Jamal Salama (1945-2021) died the day before yesterday, at the age of 75, as a result of being infected with the Coronavirus. The condition of the Egyptian musician had deteriorated two days ago and he was transferred to a hospital, before his death there. Gamal Salama was born to an artistic family in Alexandria, and he went early to study music at the Cairo Conservatory, where he obtained a diploma from the Higher Institute of Music, before traveling to Russia, where he obtained a doctorate in musical composition. In this context, the Musicians Syndicate and the “Ministry of Culture” in Egypt called the deceased. “The field of Arab creativity was a noble knight, a musical genius and an artistic icon,” said Enas Abdel Dayem, “Minister of Culture”, in Salama’s lament.On the same bank, the news of Salameh’s departure did not pass quietly, but rather witnessed quarrels between his family. As the musician Farouk Salama, the late brother and daughter, Nurhan, wrote a report against Wafa Bennani, who was released from prison, accusing her of defamation. The lawsuit came against the background of the report submitted by Bennani after the death of the musician, accusing Farouk and his daughter of disposing of the late’s property and hiding some of them from the legal heirs, in addition to their storming the studio where he lived his last years in the Zamalek area, in conjunction with the funeral rites, and they changed the key to the apartment to prevent Legal heirs to enter it. For her part, Nourhan explained that she had written a report accusing Bennani of trying to seize a property other than her own, especially since the studio was owned by Sonya Jamal Salama, the eldest daughter of the late who is currently residing in Spain.
It is noteworthy that Salama is one of the veteran artists who have collaborated with the most prominent artists and artists in the Arab world, headed by Shahrura Sabah. He composed for the late singer the songs of the movie “A Night When the Moon Cried”, and among his works is the song “Hours of Hours”, which is still widely known for its beautiful lyrics and creative melody. He also collaborated with Samira Saeed in the songs “We Are Not Hedging You” and “Jani Said After Two Days.” The deceased left a special imprint with Magda Al-Roumi in the songs of “Beirut Sit Al-Dunya”, and the poem “With Jarida” by Nizar Qabbani. He also composed many Egyptian films and series in the eighties that are still in people’s memory, such as the series “Love and Other Things” (directed by Enaam Muhammad Ali and written by Osama Anwar Okasha) and “Habibi Always” (directed by Hussein Kamal and the screenplay of Kawthar Haykal-Nour El-Sherif and Boussi) . It is noteworthy that the late artistic experience was not limited to artistic works, but he also composed a number of religious songs sung by Yasmine Khayyam in the introductions of the series “Muhammad is the Messenger of God” and “Sahat Walad al-Huda.”


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