The death of the former Zamalek star


The death of the former Zamalek star

Farouk El-Sayed, the former Egyptian club star and coach of Zamalek in the 1960s, died today, Sunday, after a struggle with illness.

Ayman Younis, the former star of Zamalek, was keen to mourn the deceased through a message on his Twitter account, saying: “Captain Farouk El-Sayed … the star of Zamalek died in the sixties … Captain Farouk El-Sayed El-Najm, who taught many of the stars of Zamalek at his hands in the art of respecting the name Zamalek and respect for all competitors. “

He added, “Captain Farouk El-Sayed, a professor of literature, morals, respect and taste, died.

Farouk El-Sayed took over the leadership of the youth sector at Zamalek club for years, and worked as an assistant to the Dutch Rod Kroll in the Egyptian Olympic team in 1995, and he also helped him lead Zamalek two years later, then took over the task alone.
Farouk El-Sayed contributed to the emergence of several footballing generations for Zamalek Club.

Source: “Egyptian media”


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