The death of the Egyptian musician Gamal Salama as a result of Corona – thought and art – stars and celebrities


A short while ago, the Egyptian musician Gamal Salama died of his infection with the new Corona virus (Covid 19) at the age of 75.

Artist Hani Shaker, head of the Syndicate of Musical Professions, confirmed the news of Salama’s death, explaining that the date and place of the funeral are now being determined, according to the Al-Ahram Gate website.

The Egyptian Music Professions Syndicate announced a few days ago that the great musician was infected with Corona, confirming that he was transferred to the hospital after his health deteriorated.

It is noteworthy that Jamal Salama studied music at an advanced level in the Soviet Union, and obtained the highest qualification for specialization in the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow in 1976, and composed for the morning the songs of the movie “A Night When the Moon Cried”, the most important of which is the song “Hours .. Hours”, and he collaborated with Samira Said in a number of works, most notably: “Tell Aashherazad”, “We will not give up on you,” and “Jani said after two days.”



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