The death of the artist, Nadia Al-Iraqi, after being infected with “Corona” – website news – follow-ups


This morning, the Iraqi actress, Nadia, died at the age of 57, after being infected with the Corona virus.

And her daughter announced the news through her account on the social networking site “Facebook”, and wrote: “Mama has moved to the mercy of God Almighty, please pray for her and read Al-Fatiha for her good spirit. We belong to God and to Him we shall return.”

The daughter of the late actress had previously written on her mother’s personal Facebook page: “I am May, Mama is in intensive care. She is in a very critical and difficult condition for two days. Your calls can be estimated to do a need. ”

And she continued: “Oh God, I do not ask you to respond to the judiciary, but I ask you for kindness in it.” And it’s broken. ”

And she continued: “Whatever Corona brings, tells me what to do, uh, and are there doctors who come to the house who do blood tests, your prayers and they took care of the issue is dangerous.”




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