The days of discipleship .. Al-Meligi, the leader of the pair, and Zainab Sedky, carried on the necks of the two butterflies


A large number of geniuses were not excellent students and some of them stumbled in the study, and despite that they were able to excel in other areas they loved and were loyal to, and the academic faltering was not a sign of their failure, but rather they were able to achieve their success and prove to the world their abilities and talents.

A large number of art stars were suffering during their studies and their teachers expected them to fail in head and life, but they failed these expectations and became stars in art.

Among these stars was the great artist, Zainab Sedqi, who was famous among her colleagues for the wide culture that they even called her Shakespeare Zamalek, and despite this, Zainab Sidqi hated studying and going to school a lot.

Zainab Sidqi was studying at the “Hassan Al-Masarat” primary school, which was located on Souq Al-Asil Street, and all the school students and teachers knew this girl who did not enter the school except when she was screaming carried on the necks of the two butterflies, as she refused to go to school, so her mother agreed with two of the mattresses They come to carry her by force every day from her home to the school, and if Zainab left her house without noise or screaming, she would run away from school and disappear all day long with her classmates, who incited them to march in the gardens spread across the castle.

As for the artist Mahmoud Al-Meligy, he was the leader of the gang of the married men in the school, and he was looking for any occasion to incite his colleagues to the pair and to strike for study under the pretext of the most important demonstrators against the occupation forces, and after the crowd and the beginning of the demonstration, Al-Meligy sneaked from between them to Imad al-Din Street to participate in rehearsals with the Fatima Rushdie group, who He joined her in his youth.


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