The Danish “Pandora” stops selling diamonds produced in the mines – the economic – the global economy


Danish jewelery group Pandora announced Tuesday that it will stop selling diamonds from mines to promote more ethical products, a year after its decision to rely exclusively on recycled gold and silver by 2025.

The group indicated in a statement that “Pandora”, which specializes in luxury jewelry and occupies an advanced position among the largest producers in the world, will only use diamonds manufactured in laboratories.

She pointed out that these laboratory diamonds have the same advantages as natural diamonds, but at a lower price.

“Diamond cutting is not only eternal, but it is also for everyone,” said the head of the Danish group, Alexander Lasik, explaining that this option “is evidence of an ambitious program that we are doing for greater sustainability.”

Pandora showed its first set of laboratory diamonds on Tuesday, and it will initially launch them in London before launching them internationally next year.

Founded in Copenhagen in 1982, Pandora has become a multinational company with more than 27,000 employees, nearly half of them in Thailand, where it produces its jewelry. The group sells 250,000 items daily, especially bracelets.

Although diamonds are only a fraction of Pandora’s sales, this option is part of a trend among jewelry groups to provide consumers with greater guarantees in terms of respect for human rights or the environment.

The diamonds produced in the laboratory have remained free of criticism, but they are not without drawbacks, as the process of manufacturing them consumes large amounts of energy, especially as it requires high temperatures.

Pandora pointed out that it produced its group using renewable energy sources at an average rate of 60%, and that the percentage will rise to 100% next year.



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