The continuation of the situation as it is makes life in Lebanon impossible


The former Prime Minister of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim, indicated that the continuation of the current situation “makes life impossible” in Lebanon.

In a statement on social media, he pointed out that Lebanon does not need “mediation from outside” to help it get out of its current crisis, considering that it “needs all the parties to sit at the table to discuss the future of this beautiful country in which the individual income was in the sixties.” From the top ten countries in the world. “

He explained, “With most of the Lebanese, especially the middle class, losing all their savings in addition to the deterioration of the Lebanese pound, the continuation of this situation makes life impossible.”

Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim believed that “the politicians of Lebanon and the leaders of their sects today need a place that brings them together and facilitates the dialogue among them. Perhaps they will reach a consensual formula that takes them out of this destructive approach that brought Lebanon to this situation,” noting that “the hoped-for solution is the business of the Lebanese themselves, but the Lebanese must be.” “Whoever agrees on a way out will save the country and its people, as a matter of urgency and speed.”


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