The border file with Mexico puts Kamala Harris’ future at stake – the Arabs and the world – the world


Vice Presidents of the United States are always looking for an opportunity to emerge and share the spotlight, but Kamala Harris wished to return to the shadows, when she was assigned to the border file with Mexico, and this task is certainly an outstanding opportunity, to get out of the feelings of bitterness associated with assuming the second position in the White House. . Harris, and not Biden, had a hypothetical meeting with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, during which Obrador commended Biden for appointing Harris to handle all immigration matters. It is expected that Kamala Harris will make an official visit in early June to Mexico and Guatemala, a week before Biden’s first trip abroad, during which he will visit Europe.

Few issues confuse Democrats and Republicans as much as immigration and asylum at this border, which stretches over three thousand kilometers between the United States and Mexico. Although this is a difficult problem, it was characterized by a thorny and poisonous character during the era of Donald Trump, who built a large part of his presidency on demonizing illegal immigrants and promoting the need to build a large wall, and when the number of those crossing the border illegally increased since the beginning of his term, Biden suddenly finds himself in a precarious position, to decide that Harris is the right person to find solutions.

Harris’ mission is to search for deeper solutions in the Central American countries, from which most immigrants originate, especially the Northern Triangle consisting of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, while knowing how to persuade these people to stay in their countries remains the main topic of the discussions that Harris conducted with Lopez Obrador. Perhaps one of the most frequent criticisms of “Fox News” and the right-wing media is that Harris has already failed in her mission, by not visiting the border. Harris’s critics argue that the damage is done, as she travels to many other places in the United States, so why not head to the epicenter of the crisis she wants to solve? Fox News journalist Liz Beck wrote in the newspaper “The Hill” that Harris’ role in the border file would destroy her ambitions. She added that the odds of Kamala Harris being elected president are diminishing rapidly. In turn, Karl Tobias, a professor of law at the University of Richmond, said that Harris had succeeded in acting cleverly, adding: “Taking the position of vice president has always been a difficult and delicate role because the vice president does not want to go beyond the role of the president, Harris has taken this role as an opportunity to show her ability to Do an excellent job on a thorny subject. ”



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