The Beirut Bar Council requested Aliq’s immediate release


The head of the Beirut Bar Association, Dr. Melhem Khalaf, chaired an extraordinary meeting of the Bar Council in Beirut, presided over by the presence of the members of the Council, in light of the series of events that took place with the lawyer, Dr. Rami Aliq.After the deliberations, the Board issued the following statement:

First – The Bar Council stops in astonishment before an additional horrific scene from the scenes of the fall of the state, which appears today in flagrant and flagrant violations of the rules and laws in force and international covenants, with the arrest of fellow lawyer Rami Aliq. Indeed, after the head of the Bar Association Dr. Melhem Khalaf contacted the lawyer, Aliq, and invited him to the captain’s office in The Lawyer’s House, to find out the details of the case of criminal prosecution from the judiciary, in order to clear all the circumstances and to be keen to observe the principles that stipulate the mechanism for criminal prosecution of the lawyer and the role of the Bar Association in this regard, and at the moment the lawyer headed on foot towards the lawyer’s house, people in unknown civilian clothes attacked him. Identity and took him to an unknown destination, violently, violently.

Second – The Bar Council’s voice barked repeatedly, months ago, to remind the judiciary and security agencies of the legal measures stipulated in Article 79 of the Law on Organizing the Legal Profession and all other legal texts and circulars issued by the Public Prosecution, which is binding on the judiciary and the security services, regarding any action taken against any A lawyer, and in the concept and interpretation of the witnessed crime and its availability / non-availability, in each case. How much the Syndicate has warned of the danger of violating the laws and sliding into the security police state, and there is no life for those who call. This indifference suggests that these parties do not care about the bar association and its exclusive role in taking care of the affairs of lawyers, but rather intend to bypass the bar every time they are able to do so. Is ignoring the Bar Association correct what has been corrupted by the perverted practices against lawyers?Third – The Bar Council always stresses the necessity and imperative for lawyers to adhere to their oath and what is stipulated in the law organizing the legal profession and what is stipulated in the regulations of the bar, and if there are violations committed by lawyers, then they are certainly the subject of behavioral accountability before the relevant disciplinary councils, and the union does not cover any committed lawyer . The question poses to the judiciary: How many violations occurred by judges against lawyers and were covered by the judicial inspection? And the list goes on. The question also poses to the security services: How many violations occurred by security personnel against lawyers and were overlooked by the relevant supervisory security agencies? And the list goes on. Away from the clash of responsibilities, is it not time to put an end to this political, judicial and security system that is deviating the state with its security police practices? The bar association will put an end to it.

Fourth – The Syndicate Council warns the concerned parties against escaping matters and deviating from their legal legal quorum, and immediately asks those concerned to leave fellow lawyer Rami Aliq free, and calls on them to follow the correct legal principles, in order to preserve what is left of the state of law. The Bar Council calls for a warning protest strike tomorrow Friday, May 28, 2021, and Monday, May 31, 2021, to put matters in their course, correct the relationship with the Bar Association, and hold the perpetrators accountable for illegal detention that does not comply with international human rights conventions.

The Bar Council also keeps its meetings open in the event of a permanent session to keep abreast of all developments and to take appropriate, proportionate positions. There is no place today, for ringing words that take into account the thoughts. The lawyers are standing together in the face of all those who undermine the Bar Association, those who destroy the structure of justice, and those who waste the blood of people and put them in inevitable danger of death.


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