The “Badr 3” missile, which was launched by the “Jerusalem Brigades” at Ashkelon .. What are its most prominent features?




Badr 3 missile

The Palestinian “Jerusalem Brigades” announced that it fired a burst of “Badr 3” missiles at the occupied city of Ashkelon … Where was this missile used for the first time, and what are its most prominent features?

The Hebrew website “Deepka” reported that the “Badr 3” missile is an Iranian-made missile that appeared for the first time on the battlefields of the Middle East in April 2019, when the Houthi “Ansar Allah” movement used it in the battles of Yemen.

He pointed out that the “Islamic Jihad” movement in the Gaza Strip was the second to use this missile in the area on May 5, 2019.

The “Badr 3” missile carries an explosive warhead weighing 250 kg, and has a range of more than 160 km. In addition, it has another important advantage, which is that it does not explode when it hits the target, but when it is about 20 meters above it.

The site indicated that the “Jerusalem Brigades” of the Palestinian “Islamic Jihad” movement developed this missile to carry a warhead weighing 350 kg.

And the Hebrew intelligence site pointed out that the missile fired 1,400 shrapnel, which expands its ability to destroy installations and homes near the point of explosion where it falls.

Source: “Deepka” + agencies


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