The authority in Lebanon has lost all Arab or international recognition


The head of the “Lebanese Forces” party, Samir Geagea, said that President Michel Aoun’s term “could have been better, but he missed the opportunity and brought us to a situation similar to Lebanon in its modern history.” He stressed that “the current authority has lost almost every recognition of it, whether it is a foreigner or an Arab, and it has lost all its credibility and placed the head of Lebanon (under the seventh land) and no one trusts it, either abroad or at home.”

In an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat, Geagea added that Aoun’s message to the House of Representatives about the “delay” of the prime minister-designate, Saad Hariri, in forming the government “has dropped all hope for a close birth to the government,” and indicated that the only way out of the current crisis in Lebanon is through elections. Early parliamentary re-production of power.

Geagea believes that the campaign that was launched against the “forces” following the confrontations with Syrians supporting the Syrian regime, the day before yesterday, was “unfair”, based on the “forces” principled position in their permanent demand for humanitarian assistance to the Syrian refugees. He believes that this has nothing to do with what is happening from the “exploitation of the presence of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon from the Syrian intelligence services and those who remain among their groups in Lebanon and some of the parties loyal to it that are politically active among the refugees and turn some of them into a political tool.” He said that this is “an order. “It violates all laws and regulations, because the refugee – or the displaced – in all international laws has full human rights just like everyone else, but he does not have political rights in the country to which he was displaced. He explained that from this point of view he called “whoever supports Bashar al-Assad and goes to vote for him, and if the regime does not pose a threat to him, then he can go to Syria, and then what does he do in Lebanon?” Geagea added that “these people going out in processions with Syrian flags, pictures of Bashar al-Assad, and loudspeakers singing certain songs in areas that have suffered a lot from Assad’s injustice is totally unacceptable.” Our principles and convictions are far from Lebanese sovereignty ».

Geagea vehemently rejects the description of the “bandits” who were called “the forces” in the aftermath of the confrontations, saying: “We are not bandits but peace couriers and most of those who paid the price for Lebanese peace after the Lebanese war are more than those who seek to build an actual state and a state of law (…) but To see your country being violated in some sense, you have to put things into perspective. ” He adds: “We do not accept the permissibility of our country in the way that we saw yesterday (the first) clearly, neither yesterday, today, nor tomorrow, but this does not mean that we told everyone on the road to do so.”Geagea ruled out postponing the parliamentary elections scheduled for next year, citing “very great international and Arab pressure.” He says: “All Arab and foreign powers are ready to take serious steps against any Lebanese official who tries to propose or contribute to postponing the upcoming parliamentary elections, and I will say further that the parliamentary elections are inevitable that they will take place on time based on the very great pressure that has occurred and what will happen. More and more to hold the elections on time, but the problem from now to the elections is that every day a new crisis arises and Lebanon cannot withstand 365 days like the days we are living in now, and therefore we will remain attached to our proposal for early parliamentary elections, especially after the president’s message to the Parliament Any hope of forming a government diminished. ”(Interview conducted by Thaer Abbas)

Source: Middle East


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