The artist, Sherine, reveals in the video unknown details about the play “The Married People” with Samir Ghanem


Sherine, the Egyptian star, revealed in a phone call with the journalist Omar Adeeb in the “Al-Hekaya” program shown on the “Egypt” channel. MBC“About some of the scenes of the works that she collected with the late artist Samir Ghanem, as well as the strong relationship that he had with his daughters, Donia and Amy.

Sherine reveals the scenes of her participation in the play “Married People”

Sherine clarified in her phone conversation with “The Story” some details about the scenes of the play “Married”, which achieved great success at the time of its presentation in 1979, and confirmed that she was not the first star to present the character “Lina” in the play that participated in her shows without performing any rehearsals. With the late artist Samir Ghanem.

Sherine said: “Samir Ghanem always preserves the image of the stars who work with him, and he used to design the clothes that he wore while presenting his artistic works, in the play (Married People). I was not the first artist to present the role of Lina in the work where the artist was Howaida, then I joined the play and did not participate. In any rehearsals for performances with the artist Samir Ghanem, I was a lucky person to participate in this work, which the audience still remembers, despite the passage of more than 42 years.

Sherine added, “There are some funny situations in the play (Married People) that the audience remembers, and some of them happened automatically, but the late Samir Ghanem was focusing on these situations and asking us to focus on them in the following shows in order to implement them.”

Sherine: The play “Cast for When You Play” was performed after Donia and Amy’s approval

Sherine revealed the scenes of the last theatrical show presented by the artist Samir Ghanem last year, titled “The Blossom When He Play”, and indicated that both Donia and Amy Samir Ghanem had the decision to stage or prevent the play because of their desire for their father to appear in the best form, and when they saw the rehearsal The latter has been approved for the appearance of their father.

Sherine said: “I participated with Samir Ghanem in the play (Me, My Wife and Monica) and it was shown in Lebanon, and there I got to know Samir Ghanem more. My great sadness over Samir Ghanem’s separation was compensated by the presence of his daughters, Amy and Donia, as each of them sought to preserve the image of her father, and this is what It happened in the play “Back when he plays,” where the director of the show spoke to me and confirmed the presence of the daughters of the artist, Simer Ghanem, in the rehearsal of the play in order to watch their father and his appearance in a manner appropriate to his history and that this appearance will decide the decision to display the play, as Donia and Amy want to preserve the image of their father every moment”.

Great success for Sherine after showing the play “Married People”

Sherine participated during her career in many artistic works with the artist Samir Ghanem, the most important of which was the play “Married People”, which began its performances in 1976, with the participation of the artist Howeidi in the beginning until the artist joined the theater shows in 1979, and this work is the beginning of her journey with success And fame, and a large group of stars participated in the play as well, including the late artist George Sidhoum, Najah Al-Mogi, Mohamed Al-Taji, and Ibrahim Qadri.

The artist, Samir Ghanem, passed away last Thursday, at the age of 84, and his brother Hussam Ghanem, the late artist’s brother, revealed the reason for the death of his brother, as he confirmed that he was suffering in his last days from infection with the black fungus disease.


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