The army denied a piece of news reported by a newspaper: We have the highest degree of respect for what the Palestinian flag represents


The Army Command – Directorate of Orientation stated that a female reporter claimed in an article in a local newspaper that some Lebanese and Palestinian youths were subjected to ill treatment inside the Lebanese Army Intelligence Center in Jadidat Marjayoun, and that a soldier had trampled the Palestinian flag during the investigations.The Army Command clarified that the aforementioned article contained false fabrications that have nothing to do with the truth, especially since the author of the article confirmed the aforementioned allegations, which were quoted by one of the detainees.

The army command called on those claiming the aforementioned offense to go to the military court to submit the required complaint to be based on the matter, stressing that the army, with its officers and soldiers, has the highest levels of respect and appreciation for what the Palestinian flag represents as a symbol of the people of Palestine and their just and righteous cause.


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