The announcement of the second season of “You knock my door” is provoking criticism


Beirut – Salwa Yassin – Follow-up: Yesterday evening, the Turkish “Fox” channel showed the first promotional advertisement for the second season of the series “You knock my door”, which will be shown on the ninth of next June.

The advertisement sparked a wave of criticism and attack, due to its events that many of the audience considered illogical, as the second season will include the passage of a period of five years. The fans of the series are speculated, as some have mentioned that Ida and Sarakan will separate and Ida will be pregnant without telling him.

The series, which is currently considered one of the most popular series, has been bought by an Italian channel and will start airing there, dubbed into Italian.

On the other hand, after Karam Bursin finally published a picture with Handa Archell from their vacation in the Maldives, which was considered a declaration of their love, the most popular duo met after their return, and they appeared for the first time hand in hand, and Bursin told the press that he and Handa were close from the start. They became friends, and they did not hide their relationship, but when the time came, we announced that.

Karam and Handa also joined their fellow Turkish stars, and announced their support for the Palestinian people through their Instagram account.


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