Testosterone or the male hormone and ways to increase it healthy and effective in just 3 steps


Testosterone Or what is known With the male hormone، Hormone is indispensable In the body, especially for men, as it is produced by the testicles with cells called Leydig, so it is responsible for the production of sperm, and thus it is also responsible for increasing the rates of reproductive health for men, as well as refining the muscle mass of the body, in addition to that is responsible for the increase and strength of hair follicles in the body Men, such as beard hair or chest hair, and it is considered the hormone of masculinity or virility because of its vital functions in maintaining the manifestations of manhood, it is responsible for the thickening of the voice of men as well as the features of virility, so today we will show you healthy ways to maintain an increase in the testosterone hormone through What our article deals with about 3 methods forHormone increase In a fast and healthy way.

healthy food
healthy food

The first step to boosting testosterone is to ensure that enough cholesterol is supplied and not decreased, while following a moderate protein diet and limiting carbohydrates.

E eat healthy meals that contain protein, ranging from 170 to 200 grams of protein per meal, or in another way, it is not permissible in any way to increase protein intake, because it causes fatigue and exhaustion to the body, and does not enhance the production of testosterone. Half of the protein turns into glucose easily, this glucose causes an increase in the level of insulin, thus the body does not produce enough testosterone, for the same aforementioned reason, as it turns into glucose and thus increases the secretion of insulin, so the body does not produce enough testosterone and reduce Produce it.

Doing exercise and activities
Doing exercise and activities

The second step is to continue regular activities or exercise, along with intermittent fasting

Exercise must be done in a sufficient and regular manner every day, as well as taking into account the proper and healthy eating, and regulating sleep hours sufficiently for the comfort of the body, so that the body does not secrete the stress hormone cortisol, which reduces the secretion of testosterone in the body, so maintaining exercise leads to double production of the hormone Testosterone, and also intermittent fasting is a necessity to control the level of testosterone, because it works to find a balanced pathway between growth hormone and testosterone in one way, and to maintain the enhancement of testosterone levels and the health of the body.

Nutritional supplements
Nutritional supplements

The third step is to sleep soundly and adequately, with eating natural foods (organic) and some nutritional supplements

Adequate sleep must be taken into account, as the hours of sleep required to rest the body range from 7 to 8 continuous hours, because sleep is responsible for reducing the body’s secretion of cortisol or the stress hormone, which limits the production of testosterone, with a commitment to taking nutritional supplements in order to stimulate the body On the production of testosterone, and among the most important of these supplements is zinc, the body must get 100 mg per day of zinc, and there is aspark acid, which is responsible for the production of testosterone in a large way, and also there are ginseng supplements, which support the production of the hormone testosterone and also increase strength and sexual energy than Men, because it contains beneficial healthy components that support the health of the body and provide it with the amino salts necessary for it, and it is not necessary in any way to excessive iron supplements because they destroy the liver and reduce hormone production.

At the end of the article, we would like to alert you to several things that must be followed, as it is imperative to follow a moderate carbohydrate and fat diet, walk for half an hour daily and exercise, be sure to sleep for hours at a time to rest the body, so sport, correct good nutrition and maintaining a peaceful and sound sleep are the keys Hence the production of testosterone keys to good health.


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