Ten years after his departure after suffering with cancer .. With great pain, Ayman Zaidan recalls the memory of his youngest son (photo)


The Syrian artist Ayman Zaidan recalled the memory of his late son Nawar with an impressive message that he published on his own account on the “Facebook” site, through which he expressed his intense pain, writing: “Here are my words drenched in the pain of the world, I repeat them 10 years after Nawar’s departure, my life chrysanthemum that struck it. The fierce wind of death … I still remember your bending over the wall of life when it began to leave its painful steps towards you, and I still remember while I was next to you how the fragile wall of the world fell in you, and you left me alone, embracing your fragrantness and collecting your details to hide in the folds of my tired soul. But he kept waiting for us, how I missed you“.

It is noteworthy that Nawar, the youngest son of Zidane, passed away ten years ago after suffering with cancer. He joined his father in presenting the “Super Dew, Meet the Generations” program, which was shown on the “Abu Dhabi” channel. He also went through several experiences in acting, writing and directing in the field of short films. Including his recent experience in the movie “The Wolf’s Eye” alongside Amr Ali, son of the late Syrian director Hatem Ali.


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