tayyar.org – “Sword of Jerusalem”: It caused an earthquake, uncovered facts, and established new equations


Netanyahu thought that what Trump had done really and truly led to the liquidation of the Palestinian cause and had actually established “Greater Israel” that leads the Middle East and Judaizes Palestine and nullifies the rights of the Palestinian people, young and old. He also thought that the preoccupations of the resistance axis in the global war that targeted his central castle, Syria, would allow him to launch freely The hand is to establish what he wants in Palestine and the region and establish the pure Jewish state, which makes him the largest king of “Israel” and the longest period of rule and the strongest influence on the entire history of “Israel”.

However, Netanyahu thought he was in a place and the truth was opposite. On the internal “Israeli” level, the ballot boxes that were used four times in a row in two years did not respond to his dreams, and Netanyahu failed again and again to obtain the appropriate majority to form the government. As for the Palestinian level, here was the greatest calamity for him, as he fell into his miscalculation and acted and exposed his weakened entity, as a scandal after he opened the battle of Judaizing Jerusalem, which he thought was easy for him to swallow, so he was suffocating with it.

After the 1967 war, Israel planned to make Jerusalem the capital of the alleged Jewish entity, and took unilateral measures that contradict the provisions of public international law, especially the Security Council resolutions. It planned and took measures that would make all of Jerusalem and everything in it, including the Al-Aqsa Mosque and all Islamic and Christian sanctities. And all the possessions of the Arabs in Jerusalem, which makes it the property of the Jewish state and its usurping people. Trump came in his plan called the “Deal of the Century” to confirm this and claim that Jerusalem is the capital of the usurping entity. After Trump, Netanyahu pursued his measures in Jerusalem, and this time he wants to make it an additional job. In addition to what has been mentioned above, he wants to turn Al-Aqsa and the neighborhoods of East Jerusalem into a card that he uses. In his attempt to retain power, and that is why Netanyahu opened the battle of Al-Aqsa and Jerusalem, in Al-Aqsa to sanction it in two phases, in the first imposing the spatial and temporal division of entry to Al-Aqsa between Muslims and Jews, and in the second placing the hand over the entire mosque in favor of the Jews and its alleged entity, and on the other side, Netanyahu’s plan consisted of confiscating Arab homes in Jerusalem and their successive expulsion from it until it reaches a situation in which no Arab remains in Jerusalem, and Judaization is accomplished in this way.

Netanyahu proceeded to implement the reassurance that no one could prevent him from carrying out his criminal plan. But the surprise, the earthquake, occurred in what was not expected, as the Palestinian resistance, in all its civil, military, popular and organizational forms, was even better to say that all of Palestine seized the “sword of Jerusalem” to prevent crime And it prevented the implementation of the malicious plan. The last ten days of Ramadan were the days of the rising of the gift of Jerusalem to defend the heart of Palestine, and the last days of Ramadan that followed the “International Jerusalem Day” (the last Friday of Ramadan) was the date for the launch of the Battle of the Sword of Jerusalem by the armed resistance. Starting from Gaza, then the response increased, even the responses, until it covered all of historical Palestine with all its addresses and names, including the occupied land in 1948, the West Bank occupied in 1967, and the liberated Gaza Strip in 2005, of course, in addition to Jerusalem, which is the bottom line. Historical Palestine exploded, creating a Palestinian volcano, burning with its lava all the enemy’s dreams and drawing new equations that did not occur to any of the enemies and opponents, or those who call themselves Arabs, who were led to surrender to the enemy and submit to his will under the forged name of “normalization”.

With this seismic volcanic eruption, a new scene was drawn for the Palestinian cause that contradicts all that was planned by the enemies, as follows:

1 – I return to the central theme, which is the “Palestinian cause” and the whole question of Palestine, and the emphasis on the unity of the whole issue, with its political, geographical, historical, demographic and strategic description related to it, a title that returned to occupy the advanced position that it deserves, but rather the priority in all issues raised in the East. Middle and world. The “deal of the century” was intended to settle this issue and deal with its belongings as scattered papers, such as saying a refugee card, a Gaza paper, a bank paper, etc. … and the title of the Palestinian people and their political rights were absent, and the volcano of Palestine came to block all these malicious attempts and impose a truth that no one can Beyond it is the cause of Palestine, its people, and its national, regional and human affiliation.

2- The Palestinian explosion affirmed the unity of the Palestinian people that unity that they wanted to undermine through the multiplicity of addresses and the distribution of the people into classes and segments, and the surprise to them was that the Palestinian in all of historical Palestine and outside of historical Palestine all over the world speaks the same language, carries the same hopes and works for one aspiration. Return to Palestine and the establishment of the independent Palestinian state with clear national and regional affiliation. The great surprise was what appeared in the occupied territories in 1948 in Lod, Umm al-Fahm, al-Muthalath and elsewhere, where the Palestinians were there expressing their feelings that were no less patriotic than the feelings of the people of Gaza or refugees outside Palestine.

3 – The battle of the Sword of Jerusalem established a new defense equation on the Palestinian level in general, the content of which is that “everyone defends the whole, and everyone defends the part, and the part defends the whole.” By this, all theories and attempts to divide and disperse the case papers were aborted, and Jerusalem became a protectorate that was not in the hands of Jerusalemites from inside Jerusalem Not only, but also by the power of the Palestinians from outside Jerusalem as well as outside Palestine, and thus the Palestinians have eliminated the strategy of isolation that the enemy has clung to since its inception and applies it to all levels.

4- The battle pushed the Israeli enemy into a kind of field hysteria, and made it carry out criminal killing and destruction operations instead of field military operations. And he envisages his criminality of pressuring the leadership of the resistance to bring about a cease-fire without achieving its goals in the battle, but he was once again shocked by the determination of the Palestinians and the will to resist and fight for them and their continued confrontation without the benefit of all the field and political pressures they are subjected to while they raise the slogan No A cessation of the battle and a ceasefire before the battle achieves its goals of protecting Al-Aqsa and protecting the Arab and Islamic presence in Jerusalem in its sanctuaries and neighborhoods.

5- The current confrontation in Palestine exposed the weakening of the steel dome on which the enemy spent thousands of millions of dollars and adopted it in order to establish the saying: “A people work under fire and are safe”, and in order to disrupt the resistance’s attempt to inflame the enemy’s society with fire, and in this battle it became clear that the dome The steel structure is unable to intercept more than 35% of the missiles aimed at the entity in its depth and edges alike, which raised a big question among the enemy’s leadership, which Lieberman, the former Israeli Minister of War, summarized with the phrase: “If our situation was like this with Hamas, then how would our situation be with Hezbollah or Iran? ». “It is a tragedy, but rather a catastrophe that Netanyahu led Israel to,” he added. The obsession with the future of the confrontation with the entire axis of resistance is haunting Israel to the limits of terror and public panic, which leads to saying that Israel now feels and recognizes that it has lost its deterrent prestige and its ability to silence the sources of hostile fire that target it, and the most dangerous is that it has lost the initiative. .

6- The success of the resistance, both strategic and operational. Where it succeeded first in working with a strategy of attrition and exhaustion that leads to the erosion of the enemy’s military and economic strength, as well as exposing its criminal image to the world. It placed the enemy’s society in a state of paralysis and disruption for days that could not be prolonged. It also imposed on the enemy to consume a large number of ammunition tens of times more than what the resistance used. What paralyzed his economic movement, disrupted resources, and opened the doors of his consumer needs, all thanks to the resilient act of expert planning and implementation.

* University professor – strategic expert.

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