Tariq blacksmith between estrangement and a teacher with love


The Arab artist Tariq Haddad continues his productions one by one, in partnership with the most important names in the manufacture of the distinctive and successful Arabic song.And after his cooperation with the poet Fahd Ramadan and music distributor Firas Odeh in the song “Al-Ghuraba”, which was one of the tunes and achieved great success in the Arab communities and through social media and Arab and international radio stations.

Artist Tariq Haddad looks to us with his new song “Moallem Bel Hob”, which he will release on the first day of the blessed Eid Al Fitr. It is written and composed by the poet Fatima Darawsheh and distributed by Firas Odeh, sound engineering by Ali Ramadan and in association with many of the most important Arab musicians among Jordan and Lebanon.

Artist Tareq Haddad stated that this work will be somewhat different in terms of melody, word, and method of musical arrangement that carries the style of the party, and that it will return the listener to the time of art and the original Lebanese rapture that is loved by the audience.

“Moallem Bel Hob” is a song that carries creativity in words, melody, distribution and singing. Haddad expects this song to achieve success and spread among Arab listeners and audiences. Tariq Haddad is also preparing for an Arab and international promotional campaign through social media and YouTube channels. The most important radio stations around the world.

Artist Tariq Haddad has now put his voice on a group of upcoming works in cooperation with the most important Arab poets, composers and musicians, but he preferred that these works remain a surprise to his fans and wished they would like them.


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