Tarek El-Shennawy: The genes of Adel Imam’s love are passed on to Egyptians from the sixties to today Video


Art critic Tariq Al-Shennawi congratulated the artist Adel Imam on his birthday.

In a phone call with Yusef al-Husseini, a journalist on the “Ninth” program on the Egyptian Channel One, Tariq al-Shennawi said: “Every year, Adel Imam is good and happy and shines light, light and creativity for the entire Arab nation. The Nile and the pyramids, and the great names that gave us magic, beauty and creativity. ”

He added, “The word comedian is a great word that does not diminish it, but all the dramatic melodies are present in Adel Imam, and most importantly, an exceptional charisma that I imagine has not been achieved at the global level. Because the world is changing, and there is no star who lasts all these decades, but the genes of just love Imam Egyptians moved from the sixties to 2021, and the grandchildren loved Adel Imam just as his parents and grandparents loved him, and he passed the stage of a great artist and a great star to become one of Egypt’s landmarks.


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