Syrian artist Jamal Suleiman talks about the crisis of the series “Peacock”


The Syrian artist, Gamal Suleiman, talked about the crisis of investigation with the makers of the series “Peacock”, which sparked an uproar and widespread controversy in Egypt during the past days.

Artist “Jamal Suleiman” said, “The work has nothing to do with the issue of the Fairmont Hotel, but what happened is that one of the influential people on social media linked the two before the series was shown, and the idea spread because of it.”

The Supreme Council for Media Regulation in Egypt had decided to save the complaint against the series “The Peacock”, starring the Syrian artist Gamal Suleiman, stressing that “the series obtained the necessary approvals from the censorship of artistic works, and the series was not prevented from showing either before the investigations or Then”.

In addition, “Gamal Suleiman” said in an interview with “Cairo Today” on “Alfa” channel, that “a dispute occurred with one of the directors who found it difficult to deal with him.” Explaining that “the director asked him in one of the scenes to stop and then resume walking, which prompted him to ask about the reason for the character standing, to determine the motive behind this, but the director was finding it difficult to interpret his vision, which made working with him difficult.”

The events of the “Peacock” series revolve around the story of an Egyptian girl called “Umniah,” who went to work in a tourist village to support her family, but was subjected to rape by 3 people, which made some link the series’s events with the famous “Vermont” case, despite the denial. Make it for any similarity.

It is noteworthy that opponents of the series see it as not commensurate with the month of Ramadan, and contravenes the norms of Egyptian society, while others have expressed their admiration for the series and described it as “serious work, given that it addresses social issues that are not subject to criticism,” according to social media platforms.

The series stars the Syrian artist Jamal Suleiman, who plays the lawyer, and the artist Samiha Ayoub, who embodies the role of Matilda, the Coptic woman, who supports the heroine in her ordeal.


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