Surprise … Messi is accused of violating Corona restrictions in Barcelona


Organize a team leader Barcelona Argentine star Lionel Messi A lunch and a barbecue in the garden of his home for all the players of the team to enhance the unity of the team and raise its spirits before the end of the season, especially with regard to the issue of the competition for the Spanish League title, but the party is threatening the star Messi by the Catalan Public Health Agency.

The Catalan newspapers reported on Tuesday that the Catalan Public Health Agency, affiliated with the Ministry of Health in the Catalonia region, will study in the coming days whether the lunch organized by Messi, at his home, had witnessed a violation of the restrictions imposed on the Corona virus (Covid-19).

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The Deputy Prime Minister of the Regional Government, Perry Aragones, according to “IFE”, said that the Public Health Agency of Catalonia “will study” this case and “will determine from a technical point of view” whether it should “take some steps forward” or “take some specific measures.” .

Messi may be subjected to sanctions by the government if he proves that he violated Corona restrictions due to the party that was attended by the players’ wives as well, in an attempt to maintain the team’s coolness for the remaining benefits of the season.


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