Sudanese Minister of Irrigation: Negotiation is the only way to end the “Renaissance Dam” crisis


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The Sudanese Minister of Irrigation, Yasser Abbas, stressed that the Renaissance Dam poses a threat to half of the population of Sudan, indicating that the file needs political will to reach an agreement.

Abbas said, in a press statement on Wednesday, that Ethiopia wants guiding rules, not an agreement, pointing out that the international community and the Ethiopians know the impact of this dam, and when Ethiopia implemented the first filling, the water level decreased.

Abbas pointed out that any absence of information hinders the operation of the Rossires dam, explaining that exchanging data with Ethiopia about the dam is a right for Sudan and not a grant from Ethiopia.

He declared that Sudan is keen to negotiate with all parties to reach solutions agreed upon by everyone, away from the policy of negotiation for the sake of negotiations only, stressing that the call to return to the Renaissance Dam negotiations with the same previous approach is a purchase of time, and he also pointed out that Sudan insists on negotiation as the only way to end This problematic.


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