“Subul” issues a new postage stamp entitled “Diriyah… The Jewel of the Kingdom” – Saudi News


In its endeavor to highlight the identity of the Kingdom, its historical and knowledge heritage, and its civilizational, cultural and national achievements, the Saudi Postal Corporation “Subul” issued a postage stamp of 3 riyals, and a postcard of 5 riyals, entitled “Diriyah… The Jewel of the Kingdom”.

The issuance of the new postal stamp and postcard comes as an extension of the history of the land of kings and heroes in linking many regions, cities and ancient roads in the Arabian Peninsula, where Diriyah was the meeting place for the caravans of pilgrims and merchants, and the most important link in achieving the unity of the Kingdom, as it is the cradle of the first Saudi state, and the starting point for its unity .

The publication also comes at a time when the Diriyah Gate Development Authority is implementing the largest heritage and cultural project in the world, which is a global project aimed at reviving the historical role of the Diriyah as a meeting place for caravans and merchants, as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia aims to transform the “jewel of the Kingdom” into one of the most important places of human gathering in the world, It attracted more than 27 million visitors and tourists annually, especially since the historic Al-Turaif neighborhood in Diriyah is registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. We recall Diriyah’s historical role hundreds of years ago, as it was a center of trade, culture, knowledge, communication and economic exchange; Being located on the trade and pilgrimage route linking the parts of the Arabian Peninsula and neighboring countries.

It is noteworthy that “Sobol” issues postage stamps periodically and quarterly on national and religious occasions, holidays, Hajj seasons, major meetings and conferences at the level of Islamic, Arab and Gulf summits, as well as national cultural, artistic and sports participations, to introduce the various national achievements in all fields.


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