Study: The “Sinopharma” vaccine is 100% effective in the case of severe infection with Corona – website news – follow-ups


The Journal of the American Medical Association published a reviewed study that concluded that the Chinese “Sinopharma” vaccines against the Coronavirus are effective.

The study said that the clinical trials that conducted the two vaccines included 40,000 volunteers in the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt and Jordan.

None of the volunteers in these clinical trials of these two vaccines developed any severe ill health. No side effects occurred to the recipients of the two vaccines except on a very rare scale, and most of them were unrelated to the vaccines.

The two vaccines depend on the traditional method of dealing with the epidemic, that is, the inactivated virus that is being treated.

“Sky News Arabia” reported that the study revealed that the two vaccines are effective, ranging from 72.8 percent to 78.1 percent in symptomatic cases of corona.

The two vaccines also showed up to 100 percent effectiveness against severe cases of “Covid-19”, which is caused by the virus.

The vaccines produced measurable antibodies among clinical trial participants.

This interim analysis is statistically useful with regard to the effectiveness of vaccines, according to the study.




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