Steps … How to download remote games on PlayStation 5 using your smartphone


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Cairo – Samia Syed – The latest update to the PlayStation app now allows users to download games remotely, and this means that PS5 and PS4 owners can now start downloading from anywhere in the world, since the console has enough free storage space, is running and connected to the Internet.

The PlayStation app now also gives users the ability to manage storage and delete apps and other media from their PS5 consoles, but the feature is not available for PS4, so here’s how to download games to PS5 and PS4 remotely:


Make sure your PS5 has enough free storage

The latest version of the PlayStation app

– Internet connection works

IOS 12.2 or higher

– Android version 6.0 or higher

Steps to download games using the PlayStation app

First, download and install the PlayStation app and log in with the same PSN account associated with your PlayStation, link the PlayStation app by heading to Settings> Connect controller to the app.

1. Open the PlayStation app and head to the PS Store

2. Find the game you want to download and add it to your cart

3. Confirm the purchase and make the payment

4. Now, go back to the main screen of the app -> Game Library -> Purchased

5. Then, tap on the game and choose the console download option

After that, the download will start on the console connected to the app. You will receive a notification when the download is complete.


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