Star Wars … a projector the size of a “cola” box with features of a robot


The Chinese company “Anker” has launched a special version based on the “Nebula Capsule II” projector based on the “Star Wars” series.

The Chinese “Anker” stated that the “Capsule II Star Wars R2-D2 Limited Edition” version of Star Wars comes with the design of the famous R2-D2 robot.

The new projector will restore the scenes of the fourth season of “Star Wars”, where Princess Leia sends a 3D message to “Obi and Anne Kenobi” via the robot R2-D2.

According to the German news agency, in terms of technical aspects, there were no changes to the R2-D2 version compared to the standard model, with the exception of some sound effects specially designed for the R2-D2 version.

The new projector comes in the size of a “cola” box and allows the image to be displayed on an area of ​​up to 100 inches, with a resolution of 720 pixels, and a maximum brightness of 2000 lumens.

Of course, the device is not intended for use in a home cinema, but rather is intended to display the contents on a white wall in a dark room.

The Chinese company explained that the battery operation period extends to 2.5 hours, which is sufficient to run a normal movie, and the projector depends on the Android TV operating system.

And she continued: Thus, it can access more than 5000 applications, in addition to the availability of the Google Chromecast function, and the Google Assistant voice assistant.

The new projector includes HDMI, UCB-C, USB-A and Aux connectivity ports, in addition to bluetooth support and a built-in speaker.

Anker announced the availability of the Special Edition Capsule II Star Wars R2-D2 Limited Edition at a price of $ 700.


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