Stagnation has become a crime, and we warn against exposing Lebanon to new wars


The Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Mar Bishara Boutros Al-Rahi, presided over the Sunday Mass at the Church of Our Lady in the Patriarchal Edifice in Bkerke, during which he raised the prayer for the comfort of the same triangle of mercy, the Patriarch, Cardinal Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir, on the second anniversary of his passing.

The shepherd delivered a sermon entitled “Now the glory of the Son of Man, and the glory of God in Him,” in which he said: “Agriculture achieves food security by securing Lebanon’s need for food and raw materials for food factories and limiting the import of food needs that exceeds 75%, and by increasing agricultural exports from In order to introduce hard currency into Lebanon, we, on the occasion, call on the state to support the agricultural sector as it is an essential sector in the national economy, and to reconsider the agreements with the aim of opening markets to Lebanese agricultural production, improving the livelihood of farmers and producers, increasing production capacity and enhancing its competitiveness in a scientific way. The dispersed and their institutions take care of the marketing of Lebanese agricultural products, mortar and Lebanese cuisine, and support the agricultural sector, in order to revive it, secure the food security network, and develop its system to be more resilient, comprehensive, competitive and sustainable. “

He added, “Yesterday, a delegation of vegetable exporters and farmers visited us to express the damage they suffered as a result of preventing Lebanese agricultural production from entering the borders of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and through the Gulf countries. This is a decision that eliminates honest farmers. But we call on the Lebanese state to monitor the goods that leave Lebanon.” And the owners of evil exploit them to smuggle drugs of all kinds, and a delegation of industrialists who are affected are also in their sector of the kingdom’s decision.Al-Ra’i added, “How we wish our political officials realize the greatness of their responsibilities, which constitute a unique opportunity to glorify God by securing the common good, and by providing opportunities for every citizen to realize himself, and by expressing in deeds their love for citizens. But we are witnessing, with regret, more economic and financial collapse. And living and social life, and the obscene price tag of goods and medicines until the loss of the latter, smuggling, greed and monopoly, no procedural authority, no judiciary and no oversight institutions.
1- We absolutely do not accept that the political community persists in subjugating people and slaughtering the homeland, and watching the national currency lose more than 85% of its value, and for the Lebanese to beg in the streets, and the crazy high price continues.
2- We absolutely do not accept that the money to support the goods goes to the smugglers, the well-to-do and the merchants, and that the citizens clash in the shops over the purchase of goods and the loss of medicines, foodstuffs and fuel.
3- We do not accept any harm to the reserves of the Central Bank, as people’s deposits are blown off.
4- We absolutely do not accept that the land border crossings remain an international center for smuggling, and the airport and port are conduits for the described waste.
5- We absolutely do not accept that corruption continues in the energy and electricity markets and that Lebanon enters an era of darkness.
6- We absolutely do not accept that Lebanese brains, elites and specialists emigrate.
7- We absolutely do not accept to obscure the real perpetrators and search for scapegoats.
8- We absolutely do not accept that the institutions of the entity and the system be struck, and the political and economic system continues to be overthrown.
9- We never accept that Lebanon should be isolated because of its oppression, far from the eyes of the world.
But be assured, sincere Lebanese, that our smile will shine. We are children of faith, will and hope. The speech of Saint John Paul II will be completed at the end of his Apostolic Exhortation, A New Hope for Lebanon: Lebanon, the happy mountain that saw the rise of the light of nations, and Prince of Peace, will fully blossom again, and fulfill his call to be a light for the peoples of the region and a sign of the peace that comes from God. Thus, the Church in this country rejoices her God (cf. Song 4: 8). (Guidance, Paragraph 125).

He pointed out that “officials must move negotiations to form the government. The prevailing stalemate is unacceptable, and has become a crime against the nation and the people. Some of those responsible for forming the government leave a feeling that they are not in a hurry, as if they are waiting for regional and international developments, while the solution is in the meeting and at will.” “Patriotism. Which developments are more dangerous than these that are taking place around us now? The stage requires assuming responsibility and facing challenges and overcoming them, not escaping from them and letting them aggravate. Rather, the greater the difficulties, the more they require additional determination.”

He said, “What is happening between Israel and the steadfast Palestinian people is a serious qualitative shift in the course of the conflict over land and identity. What the Palestinians are exposed to is heart-wrenching, especially since the victims are children, women and the elderly. It is time to stop the cycle of violence, demolition and killing, and to approve a final solution to the Palestinian issue after.” Seventy-three years of Israeli wars, destruction and grievances. We call on Israel to seriously and explicitly recognize that there are rights for the Palestinian people, and that it is impossible for it to live in peace without accepting a viable Palestinian state. There is no peace without justice, and no justice without right. We call on the authorities in Lebanon to control the Lebanese-Israeli borders and to prevent the use of Lebanese territory as a launching pad for rockets. Beware that some are directly or through auxiliary parties involved in what is happening and expose Lebanon to new wars. All the Lebanese have paid enough in these uncontrolled conflicts. Not the people. The Lebanese is ready to destroy his country again more than it is destroyed. There are peaceful ways of solidarity with the Palestinian people without getting involved militarily. It is Lebanon’s duty to reconcile neutrality that preserves its safety and its mission, and is committed to supporting The rights of the Palestinian people. “


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