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Specialized doctors have warned against ignoring precautionary measures to confront the spread of the new Corona virus, during the blessed Eid al-Fitr, and stressed the need to abandon every social habit that may endanger everyone’s life, most notably the gatherings and exchange of cash holidays, and they demanded that it be replaced by modern technology.

Family medicine consultant, Dr.Adel Sajwani stressed the need to avoid gatherings during the Eid, whether outside or inside the home, and to replace these practices by electronic means, fearing that one of the visitors is a carrier of the virus without knowing it, calling for the necessity of a balance between joy during the Eid and the preservation of health.

He stressed that the experience of the UAE in confronting Corona is an example, so everyone should support it by adhering to the specific instructions and preventive measures, by avoiding visits and distributing Eids, limiting the movement of children outside the home, as well as Eid prayers while adhering to precautionary measures, wearing a mask and being keen on physical spacing, In the event that you visit during Eid, you should avoid using cups and household dishes, and replace them with single-use alternatives.

Family Medicine Consultant Dr. Hamda Khansaheb stressed that the measures that must be taken during the blessed Eid al-Fitr do not distinguish between the person who received the vaccine or someone else, as everyone must without differentiation according to the directives of state health authorities, to avoid gathering in closed rooms, and to be careful not to be separated from a distance. Less than two meters at least, not receiving a large number of people at once, wearing a mask and being careful to wash hands frequently.

And she continued, “It is important to protect the elderly and those with chronic diseases, as they are most vulnerable to disease, and to avoid kisses, hugs and physical contact in general.”

The Public Health Consultant, Vice President of the Emirates Public Health Association, Dr. Badriya Al-Harami, set measures to prevent Corona during the Eid, which is the necessity to follow the precautionary instructions issued by the competent authorities in the country, and to limit the Eid gathering to the borders of family members who live together, and to avoid meeting others, And offering congratulations to relatives and friends through electronic means of communication instead of meeting face to face or attending councils.

She added: “Precautionary measures must be adhered to, such as physical distancing and wearing masks, using special prayer rugs when Eid prayers, avoiding distributing Eid to children or circulating them among individuals, using electronic alternatives, avoiding distributing and exchanging meals or gifts between parents and neighbors, and avoiding meeting people who feel With satisfactory symptoms or they are in quarantine, with adherence to preventive measures such as physical distancing, wearing masks, with the need to wash hands frequently, and use sterilizers.

Dr Bassam Mahboob, a consultant chest disease at the Emirates Medical Association, said: “If people are keen to visit during Eid, they should take care to apply precautionary measures, preferably only to those who have had the (Covid-19) vaccine, and avoid peace by hand or The face, especially with the elderly ».

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