Smart cars and flying cars … Hyundai is expanding the technologies of the future


The South Korean Hyundai Group, which includes Kia, has decided to pump billions of dollars into the electric car industry and invest in future technologies.Hyundai announced an investment of $ 7.4 billion in the United States over 4 years, and this funding will be the basis for a gradual expansion of electric vehicle manufacturing operations in the United States, which is scheduled to begin next year.

The move strengthens the presence of the South Korean auto maker in the United States, as it already owns a “sprawling” plant worth $ 1.8 billion in Alabama that produces about half of the cars sold domestically, according to CNN Business, while Kia produces cars at a factory in Alabama. Neighboring Georgia.The new plan could also help Hyundai and Kia obtain support from the new US administration, after US President Joe Biden said he wanted “America to be a world leader in the manufacture of electric cars.”

Biden announced a plan worth $ 174 billion to boost the electric car sector and build a network of charging stations, and he also called on consumers to buy American-made electric cars.Hyundai also wants to expand investments in flying and autonomous cars and robotics, and has decided to establish a new subsidiary in Washington to “oversee initiatives” around flying cars.

Hyundai explained to the public its flying taxi concept with Uber at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last year, and bought a majority stake in US robotics company Boston Dynamics last December.

Hyundai competes with several other companies in the auto industry. Earlier this year, the Japanese “Toyota” group launched the “Woven Planet” company, which specializes in investing in ambitious projects that include automatic driving, smart cities and robots.


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