Six stars perform their songs during the Eid season, most notably Medhat Saleh, Hakim and Muhammad Ramadan


A number of singing stars celebrated, on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr, the launch of their latest songs, especially amid the cancellation of all musical and artistic concerts in accordance with the decisions of the Prime Minister to cancel them to prevent gatherings to confront the Corona virus, so that some singers decided to put forth songs for the participation of his fans to celebrate this occasion.

The star Mohamed Ramadan released his latest song, “Versace Baby”, which he filmed in the manner of a video clip, which included controversial scenes recently while holding many dollars, and with his participation in the song, Indian star “Urvashi Rautela”.

Singer Rami Gamal celebrated Eid Al-Fitr by launching a new single song entitled “One Minute”, and cooperated in the song with composer Yasser Nour, and from the words of Rafik Naguib, and the distribution of the musician Wissam Abdel Moneim, which is among the songs of his new album called “Welsa”, whose songs are released Successively throughout 2021, it includes 10 songs, and collaborates with a group of poets, composers and distributors, in addition to composing some of them.

The star of the popular song Hakim decided to celebrate Eid al-Fitr with his fans, as he released a song called “The Night Eid”, which he described as a special joy that he decided to dedicate to his fans to congratulate them, expressing his optimism that it would be a greeting song between people and each other, and Hakim cooperated in the song with the poet Salah Mandi, And composer Hany Farouk, and distributor Islam Cheetos.

The star Medhat Saleh was also keen to join his fans in celebrating Eid Al Fitr and put his new song on his new song entitled “Yatqal”, which is the song that bears the name of his new album, which will be released in full soon, and the song is written by Tamer Hussein, composed by Tamer Ali, distributed by Ahmed Wajih, Guitar Ahmed Hussain.

Singer Majid Al Mohandes released a new song called “Nassab” on the YouTube video site, the song was written by Bahaa El Din Mohamed, composed by Mahmoud Khayami, and distributed by musician Mahmoud Al Shaeri.

Singer Mina Atta and singer Mohamed Shaheen also decided to release their new song “2 Woosh”, after the great success they presented on the duet road through the song “Ana Al Sahib”, and the song “2 Monsters” written by Walid Al Attar, and the distribution and melody of Ramy Al Masry. And the Sultan of Shen.


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