Simeone: The first victory at the Camp Nou? There is always a “first time” for everything


Argentine coach Diego Simeone, coach of Atletico Madrid, raised the banner of challenge in the face of Barcelona before the heated confrontation that brings them together tomorrow evening, which will greatly paint the features of the competition for the Spanish League title.

Simeone is waiting for a hot confrontation with Ronald Koeman tomorrow evening, at the top of the 35th round of the Spanish League, in a match that will be hosted by the Camp Nou stadium, the stronghold of the Catalan team.

Journalists reminded Simeone that he had never won in the Spanish League against Barcelona in the matches hosted at his Camp Nou stadium since he took over as coach of the Rojiblancos in 2011, and they asked him how he felt about it.

What did Diego Simeone respond to not winning the Camp Nou during La Liga matches?

And his answer was clear. Frankly and with hope, what makes Atletico Madrid fans optimistic about tomorrow’s meeting, where he said: “Winning for the first time at Camp Nou? There is always a first time in life for everything. forever”.

As for the key that the team that will be the league champion can take, it is clear to Cholo, who said: “Mindset is the secret of one of the teams fighting for the title to win.”

He added, “We will play one game after another and face what comes with humility and reassurance. We have 3 games after facing Barcelona and we have to play each match with 100% concentration and then think about what is to come.”

What did Simeone say about Luis Suarez?

He continued: “The season of Suarez and Llorente speaks for itself, whether with the great work they have made, clear to everyone, or in numbers as well. They are exceptional players in our team and they give the team a lot of effort.”

And Abizaid: “Lewis always does what is unexpected from him and Marcos has one of the best years of his career compared to what he presented in past years. He has moved forward this year.”

He stressed: “I am not talking only about Luis Suarez, the group is enthusiastic and I trust the team that I own. We have the capabilities and will strive to use them optimally in order to achieve victory and continue to achieve positive results.”

Why isn’t it an advantage that Coman won’t be sitting on the bench?

With regard to the penalty of Coman, which will prevent him from leading his team and sitting on the bench against Atletico Madrid and if it could be an advantage for the Rojiblancos, where the opponent will lose his coach, but Simeone sees otherwise.

Simeone did not hesitate to respond to this question, saying: “I do not see that Coman does not feel that he is on the bench in Barcelona (because of the punishment) and I believe that he will be able to prepare his team well and present his ideas.”

And he continued: “We were playing this season with a main idea, sometimes expressed in a better way and sometimes not perfect. We will not differ much from what we did in the previous matches. Imagine all that we have done and we will try to approach the best version for us.”

Who is the best between Oblac and Terre Stegen?

The Argentine coach concluded his speech before the upcoming confrontation with Barcelona and Atletico Madrid by talking about a quick comparison between the two goalkeepers, which are among the best in the world ever.

“Jan Oblak is definitely the best goalkeeper in the world at the moment, and Ter Stegen is also a great goalkeeper who has definitely been among the best in recent years,” he said.

It is worth noting that Oblak is performing well this season with Atletico Madrid, while the current Ter Stegen season is one of his lowest seasons ever since joining the Catalan team.

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