Sidira mosque is located within the Crown Prince’s project to develop historical mosques in Saudi Arabia


The historic Sidira mosque is located in Shaqra Governorate, northwest of the city of Riyadh, and it dates back to 1356 AH, and is one of the oldest heritage buildings in the region.
The Sedira mosque is one of the oldest heritage landmarks in the old town of Shaqra, and is located in the old Bab al-Atfiya neighborhood, next to the Hamad bin Saleh bin Abbas school, who was the muezzin of the mosque, and the mosque – in addition to being a place of prayer and worship – is a cultural and scientific beacon for the people of the village and the surrounding areas in which they learn to write And the Holy Quran.
The mosque is located south of the heritage town, north of Shaqra Governorate, which is 190 km away from the city of Riyadh, and was constructed of mud and stone, and its roof was built from wooden springs, tree trunks and palm fronds, and its total area is about (500 square meters), and it accommodates about (160) worshipers.
The mosque consists of a prayer house, a sarah, a floor retreat and toilets, and a square-shaped lighthouse located to the south of the mosque, with a height of about (10.46 m). The mosque has two entrances, one in the east and the other in the west.
The historic Sidira mosque, after the current development, includes the prayer house, the mosque’s sarah, a prayer room for women, toilets and ablution places for men and women, and it accommodates (347) worshipers.


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