Shocking Prices After Lifting Subsidies … Reality or Exaggeration?


Head of the Food Importers Syndicate, Hani Bohsali, issued a statement calling on various media outlets to be careful, especially when it comes to extremely sensitive issues that directly affect the lives of citizens.

Bohsali confirmed that what is being circulated in some media outlets talking about insane increases in the prices of food commodities from which the subsidy will be raised is an exaggerated matter, warning that this matter raises confusion and intense fear among the Lebanese about their inability to purchase their needs of food commodities in light of Their purchasing power is falling.

In this context, he made clear the following points:
1 – Most of the prices mentioned in the reports are false and have nothing to do with reality, as they were published without communicating with supermarket owners or food importers to ensure their authenticity.

2 – Most of the prices mentioned in these reports prior to the removal of subsidies are at the level of the prices of unsupported commodities (for example and not limited to, not all brands of tuna or tea are subsidized) and therefore, their prices will not change if the subsidy is removed from the food basket, provided that it does not change. exchange rate.

3- There is no doubt that subsidized food commodities will record a rise in their prices after the subsidy is lifted, but the fallacy is that prices, after their rise, will remain much lower than the levels presented in the reports.
Also, on the other hand, there are many varieties of one commodity at different prices, and therefore the citizen will have many options at different prices and with acceptable quality, and this is what the Syndicate indicated in a previous statement where it announced the efforts made by importers to secure a wide range of food commodities commensurate with the capabilities of the Lebanese Purchasing.

Bohsali assured the Lebanese that the Syndicate spares no effort to secure the continuation of the food supply for the Lebanese people, indicating that importers are constantly searching for new resources to ensure the preservation of their food security.


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