Shikabala provokes Al-Ahly fans with an “inappropriate” signal


Zamalek captain Mahmoud Abdel Razek “Shikabala” entered into a skirmish with Al-Ahly fans during a match between the two teams, on Monday evening, in the 21st round of the Egyptian Football League competitions.The skirmishes began when the Zamalek coach decided to substitute Shikabala in the second half, and as he left the stadium, some of those present in the stands of the Cairo Stadium from Al-Ahly fans shouted boos and chants against the leader of Zamalek to respond to them in a way that some described as “provocative and inappropriate”, as he pointed them towards his shoes. .

This incident may result in a penalty imposed on Shikabala by the Egyptian Football Association.The match ended in a 1-1 positive draw between the two teams, so Zamalek maintained the top of the league and the two-point difference from its Al-Ahly runner-up, knowing that the latter had two postponed matches in his pocket.

Shikabala is known for his departure from the text in more than one incident with Al-Ahly fans. At the top of the first round of the 2007-2008 season, which the Red Genie won 1-0, the Zamalek star raised the shoe for the Red Castle fans, then he turned to the first enemy for them, where fans exchanged it Al-Ahly has since made abusive chants, and the player has repeatedly responded to them in the summit matches.

In the super match in the Emirates in February 2020, the leader of Zamalek did not control his nerves and entered into a quarrel with the Al-Ahly fans after the end of the Egyptian Super, and the matter developed for sending inappropriate signals to the supporters of the red team, in response to the “racist insults” that Al-Ahly fans are keen to direct to the player in most of the matches of the two teams. According to the leader of Zamalek.Shikabala was punished after the match, with a suspension of 8 matches and a fine of 100,000 pounds, among other penalties that affected a number of pole players.

It is noteworthy that Shikabala appeared on Al-Ahly TV 2012 after the events of the “Port Said massacre”, as it was a good opportunity to calm the situation between the two parties, after the leader of Zamalek sympathized with the victims of the Red Castle, but things have gone in a worse direction in recent years.


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