Secrets of the Lebanese newspapers published today, Thursday 05/06-2021 – Al-Manar TV website – Lebanon


The most prominent secrets of the Lebanese newspapers published today, Thursday 05-06-2021

• Arab diplomatic sources confirmed that a high-ranking delegation from a major Gulf state revealed, during a negotiating visit in one of the Arab capitals, a categorical negative attitude towards a Lebanese figure affiliated with his country theoretically, denying that this personality or whoever competes with it from his family is the object of approval from his state.
• Sources related to following up on financial and security files and smuggling cases say that the status of a former Lebanese interior minister and a former leader of a non-civilian institution has come under scrutiny regionally and internationally due to the recurrence of the period of their responsibility in most of the prosecutions that affect the privileges obtained by those who are being prosecuted for these crimes.
• One of the manifestations of poverty in Lebanon is the increase in “tuk-tuk” cars in a large number of areas and their use for public transport at low prices, before one of the television screens displayed advertisements for this type of transport after it was displaying the most expensive types of cars.
• A source in General Security says that while the number of transactions for the recruitment of foreign workers to Lebanon has decreased dramatically, the number of transactions for requesting passports has also increased dramatically.
• A representative of the representative says that the alternative to Hariri is not Miqati, Makhzoumi, or others as he is reported, but rather the forces of extremist Islam due to the Sunni community’s feeling of injustice and persecution and the increase in the activity of the fundamentalist movements in its circles.
Major General
• Silence diplomacy covered the breaths of MPs and politicians in more than one party movement, before the French minister arrived in Beirut.
• The relationship between an official and a senior civil servant was almost cut off due to the options before the end of May.
• A way out is being sought to stop the loan advance to the EDL, before the measures that could lead to complete darkness come into effect!
The Republic
• For the fourth time, a senior official neglected alternative proposals to lift support, because one of them calls for a radical change in his political and personal orientations.
• The diplomatic community is discussing more than one catastrophic scenario that simulates what the monetary and financial situation in the country might lead to.
• A security portfolio minister says that the security situation “even if it is 360 degrees” cannot be changed.

Source: Newspapers


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