Sayed Ragab: I am proud of my participation in the Newton game .. and the series can stay in memory for a long time


Sayed Ragab expressed his great happiness with his participation with the heroes of the Newton game, stressing that he is proud of the series and his participation in it, saying, “We can reach a high level of drama, and it is possible for the series to remain in the memory of Egyptian drama for a long time,” adding that the series is tired of it. All involved in the work, and made sure that it came out in the best shape.

Sayed Ragab continued, during his meeting with the ninth program broadcast on the Egyptian Channel One and presented by the media, Youssef Al-Husseini, that the reason for the success of the Newton game series began from the idea until the end of its filming..

Regarding the reason for calling Newton’s game series this name and its relationship with the world Newton, Sayed Ragab said, that Newton invented several laws, the most famous of which is gravity, which says for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction in the direction, and also the static thing will remain static unless something external affects it. Therefore, the human soul in action, reaction, intersection of things with each other, education in a certain way gives a certain personality, and a specific reaction gives a certain result..

He continued, that people’s relationships with each other and their reactions to each other were the reason for naming the series with this name, explaining that everyone knows Newton’s laws, so it was easy to know the reason for the name of the series..

Rajab continued: The first movie role in which he appeared in a big way was through the character of the teacher Siraj in the film Ibrahim Al-Abyad, adding that he felt awe when he stood in front of the late artist Mahmoud Abdel Aziz..


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