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In the last two years, the Saudi Ministry of Sports has taken accelerated steps towards the comprehensive development of sports under the leadership of Minister of Sports Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Faisal, and certainly this comes within the framework of achieving the aspirations and goals of Vision 2030, which is the sports field one of the important areas targeted by the vision plans.
In the past few days, the Ministry issued a number of specific decisions to establish 26 federations, committees, and associations of various disciplines, which, God willing, will have a great impact in achieving the Ministry’s aspirations and meeting the needs of athletes. It is interesting to note in these committees and associations the “Saudi Coaches Association”, which was long overdue to be established, similar to many developed countries in the field of sports, which have many similar links such as the Association of Coaches in Ontario, Canada, CAO, for example, which was founded in 2002. It is one of the leading links at the international level.
With the successive and rapid changes that the local sport is witnessing, many efforts and efforts have appeared in previous periods, albeit timidly, with the aim of establishing an association for coaches, even at the level of Saudi football coaches only, but none of them has been successful, and it has been accompanied by many obstacles and difficulties. But with this distinguished ministerial decision to establish the Coaches Association of Saudi Arabia, it will be the only organization for sports coaches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The CAS Association of Trainers in Saudi Arabia will become the only trainers’ organization to have a voice in the Saudi Olympic Council and under the umbrella of the Saudi Olympic Committee.
Providing a professional organization that unites all coaches in Saudi Arabia will undoubtedly contribute to maintaining the highest possible standards for training, and can also help create positive educational environments in the development of coaches and athletes. It will also enhance the positive sports experiences of coaches and their continuous participation in sports in improving the quality of training and exchanging experiences. The Saudi Coaches Association is expected to support coaches from the beginning of their entry into the world of training until they reach high performance in all sporting activities. And that it also contributes to providing development opportunities for the trainer, funding opportunities, organizing seminars, conferences and workshops, providing support, recognition, preserving rights and representation for all trainers in Saudi Arabia. Thanks the Ministry of Sports for this step, and if it is a bit late, as it was said: “It is better to arrive late than never,” and I will have another pause, God willing, with this young association.


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