Saudi Arabia to India: We are confident that you will emerge stronger from this crisis


The Saudi Embassy in New Delhi said, in a statement issued by it, that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia stands with India in these difficult times, to respond to the challenges imposed by “Covid-19”. The embassy stressed, in its statement, that “healthy cooperation, protection of human life, and building resilience against the epidemic were important aspects of our distinguished relations.” The statement added: “Based on decades of cooperation and friendship, we continue to stand by our brothers and sisters in India, and we are confident that they will emerge stronger from this crisis.”Urgent aid

For its part, the Indian embassy in Riyadh said, through a tweet: “We extend our sincere thanks to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for all their assistance, support and cooperation by supplying 80 tons of Liquefied oxygen to India.

The Indian embassy added, “80 tons of oxygen were shipped to India in partnership with the Indian” Adni “group for transport and logistics, and the” Linde “company in the field of natural gas.

Yesterday, India began transferring tanks containing oxygen by air from Singapore to meet the growing demand for life-saving gas, while its supplies are declining amid record infections with the Corona virus.

India’s hospitals, which are overcrowded with HIV infections, are experiencing a shortage of oxygen, while the government has designated military planes and trains to deliver oxygen from the far reaches of the country to Delhi. The television showed an oxygen truck arriving at the Patra Hospital in Delhi, after it issued a distress saying he had 90 minutes of remaining oxygen for his 260 patients. The Indian embassy indicated that it had secured 5,000 other medical oxygen cylinders from Saudi Arabia.

India thanks Saudi Arabia

Indian Oil Minister, Dharmendra Pradhan, thanked Saudi Arabia for offering to supply his country with liquid medical oxygen in order to help face the crisis of the spread of “Corona”. In a series of tweets on Twitter, the minister welcomed Saudi Arabia’s offers to provide his country with medical oxygen for the next six months.

Last Friday, the Indian oil minister said that he had held talks with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries about the supplies of liquid medical oxygen, and thanked them for the emergency supplies.


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