Saudi Arabia objects to the criminalization of normalization!


The World – Saudi Arabia

And that in their meeting at the Arab Parliamentary Summit that was held in Jordan and witnessed a debate about normalization with the Israeli occupation entity, where I witnessed words calling for the criminalization of normalization and preservation of resistance, the most prominent of these words were by the Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament Nabih Berri, “Resistance first, resistance first and resistance, but other countries had a different opinion. It does not establish public relations with the Israeli entity like Saudi Arabia, as the head of the Saudi Shura Council, Abdullah Al Sheikh, refused to include the clause stopping normalization with the occupation in the final statement of the summit under the pretext that it is a political matter.

And tweets were received on social media, where Ihsan Al-Faqih tweeted, saying: “I expected that he would object to the clause of stopping normalization with the Zionist entity, one of the heads of Arab parliaments that have official normalization relations, but for the head of the Saudi Shura Council to call for the removal of the clause under the pretext of the competence of political leaders. It has its aftermath. ”

Turki Al-Shalhoub tweeted, saying: “Treason in its clearest form … the head of the Saudi Shura Council objects to the statement of the Arab Parliamentarians Conference for its demand to stop normalization with” Israel “and demands that this recommendation be deleted from the statement.


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